Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Harris County Almanac, a "catch-all" blog currently designed to pick up the best blog-posts from my three blogs: Lose an Eye, It's a Sport, Beyond Beltway 8 & 3CB. You can either bookmark each of those three blogs or bookmark this single site to make things easier. Also, feel free to weigh in on all things Houston in our soon-to-be weekly poll that will ask questions on issues that are generating issues in the Houston area. Since this site is new, the initial question: What is Houston's most pressing current issue?" will be up for the entirety of January. Results will be reported here.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to review our little homage to the one-man news-gathering organizations of the past. We hope to see you soon.


Cory Crow

cory dot crow at gmail dot com (in long form - to prevent spammers)

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