Monday, October 26, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/26/09)

Look bronchitis sucks, it really does. Make sure you go to the Dr. if you're sick.

I wonder if anyone in the Chron's Caucasian Think-Tank is aware of the irony present when They call out some for bad information on the web? Especially when the blanket statement is made that " born in ignorance"? Then an "Honestly, folks" honestly? Is Brent Musberger working for the CCTT now?

You should really go read the City of Houston financial summary linked to by Kevin Whited and created by CPA's Bob Lemer, Aubrey Farb and Tom Roberts. I realize that most people tend to believe politicians in matters of finance over actual accountants these days, but as an accountant myself (who understands the numbers, with the huge caveat that I'm not a CPA) their research is startling.

I wonder if Kay Staley is aware of the irony of her publically filing a lawsuit on a faith issue that she apparently feels should be a private matter? Unless this is really about getting her name in the paper that is....

When a campaign is devoid of issues (all candidates choosing to ignore the elephant of City finance that's sitting in the living room *see above* or issueing 'me-too' statements at a rapid-fire clip) then minor issues such as this wouldn't be important. (Don't they all "buy" votes to some extent?)

Want further proof that Roy Morales isn't a serious candidate? Look no further than his TV ads. If the best you can do is invoke the supposed campaign voodoo of "Eeeevil President Obama" then you've got issues. (Here's an idea, run a campaign focusing on the City's revenue short-fall and have a damn plan to fix the thing.) *Aternate title: Why Republicans are suffering 101* All that being said, offering only a blog post by a progressive blogger, who's an active supporter of Parker FWIW, as opinion on the piece is pretty weak. I imagine your jaw dropped as well when Muse said she wasn't all that impressed by Morales' ad. -Then again, you can't really call me biased either, because I'm not a fan of Morales so there you go- (And, to be fair, I looked, there aren't any Republicans out there doing local on their blogs, so finding a quick, easy attaboy for a blog post is hard to come by)

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