Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/29/09)

On the eve of the annual birthday blogging slowdown.....

I find nothing shocking in the fact that the State of Texas has prioritized expectant mothers over inmates in the H1N1 vaccine pecking order. Nor am I especially troubled by that knowledge.

I wonder if some of Houston's premiums are driven up by an unwillingness by the populace to manage their own costs? I've got a high-deductible/low cost plan with a health savings account that I fund every year. Anything that's done I pay for. As such I'm very cognizent as to where my money is going. Since changing over to this plan I've noticed my health care expenses (in premiums alone) have fallen drastically. (The fact is, I was paying more in premiums than I was using every year. How many people do that in the name of "good coverage"?)

Charles Kuffner provides an overview of the Mayorals campaign spending as illustrated in their "8 days out" campaign finance report. I'm sure you were as shocked as me when he found Roy Morales' spending lacking.

The never-ending saga surrounding Harris County's 287(g) situation keeps providing onlookers with entertainment. As do the writings of opponents thank goodness. I realize that this is an important issue that really needs to be resolved, but I'll be really sad to see it go. Frothing politicians and partisans are always good for a laugh.

I just have one question regarding this KTRK story about police posing as homeless... Would Mayor White be OK if we passed them a dozen glazed? Just askin'.

Journalism School...40K, Blogging Job, $70K per annum...Creating posts with no public value-add...Priceless.

Nasty....Nasty boys. Don't mean a thing. Oooh yoou Nasty boys, don't mean a thing to me! Huh!!

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