Monday, November 23, 2009

The Bill White-A-Palooza (Gubernatorial Edition)

In case you haven't heard:

White's making the jump from the (someday)TX-Sen race to the (Certain) race for TX-Gov.

According to the report on the Texas Tribune, the State Democratic Party is working to clear the field for the primary.

Good move. The last thing White supporters want is to be stuck in a run-off with a no-name candidate or even worse (for Democrats) a run-off with Kinky Freidman.

UPDATE: Texas Tribune hits the ground running with Moderate 2.0 or...Why White could win.

UPDATE Deux (Pt 1): They might as well call themselves The Bill White Tribune.

UPDATE Deux (Pt 2): Texas Watchdog gets into the act.

UPDATE Deux (Pt. 3): In the InterLeft there was much rejoicing.

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