Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/01/09)

Nothing like the sugar rush after Halloween...

What I like most about blogs: The grand potential for high comedy. (Bonus points if someone could translate that rant into coherent English for me) *Do I still like babies? Huh? Dubya? What? And, yes bartender, I'll take an old fashioned, damn good drink.*

Bradley Olson & Mike Snyder take a look at the municipal elections and reach the same conclusion I did a while ago: These candidates are weak sauce.

Eric Berger of ChronBlog also notes that evidence is suggesting that soda taxes won't do much to lower our collective BMI, they will however, fatten Gov't coffers, which is why they'll probably be enacted anyway.

Hey, the candidates may be uninspiring but the ads are getting interesting at least. Gene Locke needs to come out with a "bread products" ad now just for fun.

Rick Casey takes a look at the Mayorals and, amazingly, manages to leave out every one of their real "strengths and weaknesses" in his strengths and weaknesses post. (Nothing about Gene Locke's hand in the stadium deals as a potential weakness? Really?)

OK, Eversole is running, at least now you know one person on the ballot to not vote for right?

Yup, the Ashby High-Rise folks are speaking out managing to sound both populist and corporatist at the same time. (That takes some doing)

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