Friday, November 6, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/06/09)

Outside of the obvious....

Thoughts and prayers to the people of Ft. Hood. *I know the default for bloggers is to get either speculative or angry at political opposites, but I've got nothing more to say* (Nor should you read this as a disparagement toward those that do. We all deal with tragedy in our own personal ways. For some its speculating, for some it's lashing out through words. Whatever works, provided you don't feel the need to grab a gun and shoot someone)

And the economic hits just keep on coming...Now it's being speculated that the coming pollution standards crackdown could cost Millions of jobs. Supporters of the legislation claim that 'clean energy' jobs will replace them....but when? (And then there's this little jewel, which will slow domestic production-all in the name of 'weaning us from foreign oil') It's official, we're living on the other side of the looking glass.

David Wolff sounds like a man running a company that's heading toward bankruptcy. Often, the dots connect back to leadership when a company pursues a fiscally irresponsible plan. (h/t: *Who looks forward to hearing what the Mayorals have to say on the issue...but will they address it?* (This elections history says probably not)

Professor Barton Smith is bullish on the local economy....I wonder if he'll feel the same way if Cap 'n Trade & Healthcare 'reform' is passed? *Both of which will target, and negatively impact, the two largest sectors of Houston's economy*

Abbey Rappaport's Don McLeroy profile in the Texas Tribune sums up nicely what's wrong with political discourse today: "“There’s a battle in education,” he says, “and there are people lined up against us." - Politics as battle, instead of politics through statesmanship. When people who have no idea what it means to truly fight start casting their soft, pathetic barbs as "going to war" you know you've got problems. *"I will fight for you" should be a disqualifying statement when you're deciding on which candidate to vote for in a given race. I don't want you to fight for me. I want you to represent me.*

Comedians these days.

You might be surprised who tops the Texas Senate travel expenditure list. I know I was. *Zaffarini not striking me as the wasteful, extravagant type* (A Democrat I would have no qualms about voting for FWIW were that she lived in my district.) {Unless she fought for me that is}

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