Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/18/09)

Colder than a witches.....

How DARE you not let me stay in Gov't funded housing for as long as I damn well please!

Vote for me and I will wear Ronald Reagan's underwear on alternate Thursdays.

A paper recovery?

If you own a Ford or a Subaru, good news for you. *My wife loves her Forester*

Bela Lugosi err....Dick Cheney endorses...KBH...Next up the Bride of Frankenstein err...Sarah Palin stumps for Perry.

In politics, longevity is often mistaken for competence. *True also in the Blogosphere*

Is it just me or is a survey regarding lap-top reliability from a company that sells warranties just a little to the minus side on the 'trustworthy' scale?

Ha!!! We're getting fatter slower than you Missouri and Michigan!

I'm glad we have Rick Casey on the beat to inform us that "anti-gay" is a quintessential Houston issue. *Because those issues never show up in other Cities. *Presumably those that are more "world class" than the Bayou City don't you know?*

There's weak, and then there's "recycled from Sunday" weak. *Which is also known as "declining business" weak*

Oddly enough, the current Democratic Health Plan accomplishes none of Garnet Colman's goals:
The best plan for health insurance reform is one that affordably covers most uninsured Texans, preserves the insurance of those already covered and lowers health care costs.
Yet he supports it anyway.

Unfortunately, for us (remember us: the citizens who are going to have to pay for this mess?) The Republicans are still trotting out next to nothing as their 'fix'. You wouldn't think this would be hard....Increase competition, encourage Flex-Spending & Health Savings accounts which allow people more control over their health expenditures* and fund a system of low-cost clinics and catastrophic care allowing people who cannot afford insurance to have access to basic care as well as a safety net should disaster strike. No big, costly public option needed, and a plan that goes a lot further than the standard "cut taxes, tort reform" boilerplate that Republicans are doling out.

*Personal control is a huge cost suppressor. If you're paying for procedures (with pre-tax funds, which is the same as pre-tax deductions for health insurance when you think about it) then you're more likely to engage your Doctor and have a say over what you do. Plus, you're paying a cash equivilent, which means less paperwork for the provider, no insurance filing etc. It's a win/win. (except for the Government and Insurance companies, who would lose)

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