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The Noise Machine (11/23/09)

Unplug yourself for a's refreshing.

The law of unintended consequences: Part One

Part Two

Part Three What's not mentioned in this story is the fact that, once federal subsidies run out, these states are going to have to raise taxes again to cover the increased federal mandates to their unemployment system. Federal unemployment subsidies are a band-aid for the cancer of a wheezing economy.

Don't look now, but those eeeevil Christians are coming for your history. As opposed to those 'enlightened' scientists, who wish to change things as well. (History being the victors' account of past events after all)

Sometimes I wonder if the problem isn't that Sen. Carona is wrong (I tend to agree with him that something needs to be done in regards to transportation funding) but that, from all accounts, he's kind of comes acrross (in the media) as a pompous, self-righteous, abrasive asshole?

They say saving more but earning less as if it's a bad thing....Isn't one of the primary goals of "Change" the eradication of the consumer economy? (And, by definition, a reduction in the income and consumption of every American?) *I know, I know, it wasn't framed like that but still...*

I'm not sure if dropping open admissions is a serious proposal or just more noise from UH-D, but I like the idea. It'd be nice to end the illusion that there's a place in today's University system for everyone. Some people would do better learning a trade. (Of course, they wouldn't be pumping thousands into the University system is probably a good thing for their lifetime balance sheet as well.)

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again (Alternatively titled: Once the government decides they want something, they'll keep trying until they get it.) Or, get voted out of office....whichever comes first. *Well-crafted rebuttal here*

You can't make an omelette without first breaking some eggs.

Sometimes I wonder who writes headlines like these: "Non-Profit needs donations for Thanksgiving Big Feast" Of course they do....need donations that is...Fortunately, based on the news today (suddenly the link on ChronBlog is gone) Houstonians stepped up

1/4 of 1¢ will save Metro. Until those declining revenues fail to cover the interest payments on the bonds that is. Declining revenues driven by Metro's ignorance of their core service FWIW. *Screw-it...trains are prettier*

The ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank goes all-in for Parker, choosing to go against the establishment for the first time in recent memory. There will be plenty of time after the election for a post-mortem, but for now I think it's safe to say that the negative of associating with Republican groups > the positive of being the establishment least in the eyes of the CCTT (And, probably, the voters as well)

Continuing the endorsement theme: Historic preservation & unwise development > flooding and drainage, at least, as far as the CCTT is concerned. (Derr's opponent, Costello, is viewed as being well-versed in the latter issue, Derr in the former) *There's an alternate theory: that Derr is supported by the local InterLeft which makes her more palatable to the CCTT, but I don't subscribe to that, because (for all of their faults) the CCTT endorses outside of the wishes of the InterLeft almost as much as they endorse outside the wishes of the HCRP*

The rise of the plug-in hybrid? Could-be. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't agree with White's assessment of the vehicles as the future of personal transportation. Where we probably differ is that I'm much more enthused about micro-grid power generation than most. That being said, I'm not sure if it's cost-effective to push this program down taxpayer throats, during a time when you're lecturing others about the perils of new spending. *Senate-Candidate White however will probably find this program very useful when campaigning for the Sierra Club endorsement.*

Hutchison basically proves what I've said all along: The entirety of the Republican health-care plan is "tax-cuts and tort reform". That's OK as a first step, but it doesn't do enough to cover those that are being priced out of the system.

Houston's Parking Commission strikes again. Unelected executive-branch bodies given the power of the purse never work out well do they?

Unca Darrell tells you why it's bad when journalists view themselves as the gatekeepers of truth. Give me the facts, let me sort out the truth.

BARC is at it again.

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