Monday, December 14, 2009

Logic, ChronBlog style

If, as some do, you choose to divide up ChronBlog into two sections (not-news & News) this makes a lot more sense.....

Not-news: Replaces a long-time beat reporter with two people, who will still be covering one beat, but will be (supposedly) expanding the coverage to make it more dynamic and multi-media friendly. What this means is more coverage of what the wealthy, and those with a LOT of credit, are doing in River Oaks, a bevvy of douchebag bars, and wherever bad h'or d'oeuvres are served with sub-par Champagne.

News: Let's put One Reporter on every city, State & regional beat immaginable. Bradley Olson is the hardest working man in local news, covering City Hall, County issues, the Gubernatorial race, the Crime beat, Commissioner's court, all of the local elections and providing most of the content for the Chron's local politics blog.

That's "Where Houston Lives" according to ChronBlog, which once held the title of Houston's newspaper of record.

Logically then (according to ChronBlog) wealthy socialites drinking comps and downing expensive canapes while helping the plight "of the hungy" are more important news beats than any of the beats that Bradley Olsen is being forced to cover solo. It's also more important than NASA, the Port of Houston, Metro & surrounding counties, all of which have one (or fewer) reporters assigned to them on a consistent basis.

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  1. Olson has also covered a boat rescue and court cases. For quite some time, it seemed as if he was the entirety of the city desk (joined by a couple of folks who mainly posted METRO and government-housing PR). It does seem they've added a few bodies of late, but it's still pretty thin.

    Here's the thing I don't get about the "new" socialite duo.... Socialites like to read about THEMSELVES. Shelby Hodge was good at letting them read about themselves (whether one regards that as an important thing or not). The MeMo section seems to think that someone must want to read about Hodge's two replacements. If the replacements really think it's about THEM and not about socialites reading about THEMSELVES, then I think the newspaper has shot itself in the foot once more. We'll see.


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