Monday, December 7, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/07/09)

All you need to know before you know it....

Thar's Oil in dem there

In case you missed it (and you probably did) there was ANOTHER Mayoral debate on TV over the weekend. (I'll be so glad when this election is over)

The only thing that can rile up local political types (and political bloggers) more than a debate is a poll, with cross-tabs. Let the blog poll orgy commence! (In case you're wondering "none of the above" is still polling strong)

Missing from this story on the worst fined Texas "polluters" is any semblance of perspective. They mention, for instance that Exxon's Baytown facility is the largest in the Country, but where do they and Total rank in terms of percetage of the plant market? (Meanwhile, China is begging oil companies to build their new refineries over there, and they are.) I'm not advocating polluting, they should want to be as clean as possible, but "the big-bad oil comapny is out to get you" reporting is not helping matters, and is borderline irresponsible. There's also no mention of the alternative: The plants closing down and substantial members of the local work force losing their jobs. More balanced reporting might lead to a workable solution, hopefully one that doesn't demonize, and serves to reduce pollutants to minimal levels.

At least the gulf snapper are recovering. Now if we can just get the Gov't to listen groups like the CCA on other sustainability issues we'd be onto something. (As opposed to listening to the enviornmental wackos or industry groups)

I can raise more money than you can....

I love the phrase "slug it out" when it comes to low-profile City-wide political races. It just sounds appropriate doesn't it?

BigJolly provides us with a glimpse into Roy Morales' candidate questionaire. Odd that Gene Locke didn't answer considering he's been portrayed as 'courting' the conservative vote by the Parker camp.

Partisanship, in detail courtesy of the Bill White Texas Tribune (I keed).

No...they're really not that high. (based on recent evidence that is) But why let science, like the science suggesting the temperature hasn't increased over the past decade (you know, the stuff the scientists suppressed?) get in the way of a good research grant?

Good job Loren, tell us again how "facing a budget shortfall" is equal to solvency? (Additionally, tell us why we should trust the word of a business columnist with a history of getting wrong over the calculations of a group of CPA's?)

It's OK, I usually don't understand what David Wolff is saying either. (He mentions "not reducing transit lanes" being part of Metro's agreement with the City, but then he uses Main street as what NOT to do...Didn't Metro build the Main Stree line? Or am I missing something in the Orwellian world of Metrospeak?)

Finally, Slampo. Because what the world needs now is a good blog read.

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