Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/08/09)

More news links than Tiger Woods has mistresses (we think)

Endangered Birds > Humans - According to one environmental group anyway. (The alternative would have been many people, many of them poor immigrants, doing without sufficient water.)

Ed Emmett's got an issue with a $60K bonus given out to the head of the County housing authority. (I question any bonus that's in excess of 20% of one's annual salary.) *I'm sure Gordon Quan would put a stop to this*

Sports note: On his blog the past two days this joker has been against Kubiak. I realize he's just writing now for page views, but damn.

El Franco Lee: Put the prisoners to work! With the idea of giving them credit so they can get out of jail sooner I'm a fan of early release for non-violent offenders, but it doesn't seem to go over well in law n' order Texas.

I gotta tell ya...This lesbian story's got legs. Here's the question: Are we to the point that a candidate, at least some candidates, need to screen every donation to ensure purity? I guess so. (This is mainly for Democrats*, of which Locke is one. Better watch your donor list) *Republicans should probably watch out as well, they've got their own set of donation purity police watching over them. Call it citizen journalism for a partisan age.*

Hey! Look! The Controller's race!. OK, moving on...

You stay classy Democrats.

You too Republicans.

Abnormal is the new normal. (So wait...you're saying that Al Gore is a Visitor?) *That sure would explain a lot wouldn't it?*

Other's are finally noticing that Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth. (One of the big faults of America, according to the left (Not to be confused with classic liberalism), is the hyper-success of our economy. There's nothing as gauche or as disgustingly vulgar as "The American Way." The tightrope that Obama must walk is convincing a large voting bloc that they want to allow them their American dream, while taking it away from enough people to pay for everything. That the math doesn't add up is often ignored.) *A better solution might be to re-define "the American Way" in a manner that's more focused on Conservation, instead of trying to limit via legislation and taxes...That Republicans are incapable of doing that speaks volumes to why they're out on their cans.*

Joel Kotkin expands on the above idea. (What we're really doing is giving away our competative advantage, in the name of the threat that we aren't going to be able to control regardless.)

While I disagree with Rupert Murdoch's closed-door vision of new media, His op-ed today on media freedom should be a must-read for every executive in every media outlet large or small, not-for-profit or for-profit. (Rupert Murdoch, media champion. I wonder what kind of odds you could have received on that bet five years ago?)

The Texas Tribune's Matt Stiles has long been a reporter-advocate for increased transparency of government. It's good to see that he's continuing that fight at his new stomping grounds.

Speaking of the Tribune, They're big on these "Government solution" stories are they not? (I've long felt that anecdotal stories are a poor way to craft public policy, not being a strong reflection of the mainstream. That and there are always one or two worst-case scenarios that one can find to disprove any theory. After reading this piece of advocacy journalism my thoughts are unchanged.)

The view of the Texas Democratic revival from the InterLeft, courtesy of the Texas Tribune. (My view is that their resurgence is a more driven by a terrible state Republican Party who's failed to reach out to emerging demographics than by the formation of groups who make what amounts to petty-cash donations to campaigns. They still have to capture a state-wide race. I would surmise that Bill White gives them their best chance in years to do so.) *One thing they did do, which Republicans are in the midst of now, is use their time out of power to purify their ideology. What this means for their long-term future viability remains to be seen, but in the short-term its fired up a very angry base of voters.*

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