Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/22/09)

It's beginning to feel a lot like....er...well early Fall.

Who's checking your ticket? Because putting people making $7-$10/hr in charge of verifying $1,000's of dollars in winnings didn't seem like a problem to the geniuses who gave us the lottery.

All HealthCare All the Time

What if the so-called "reform" really isn't? (It's not) So where do we go from there?

OK, so the Healthcare reform bill sucks. That's OK, we're told by the people we elected to represent us This same crew that crafted this putrid bill should be trusted to fix the damn thing. (The definition of National Insanity)

Spend a Trillion, cut few Million, call it 'fiscal responsibility' (Didn't we learn ANYTHING from the Bush Presidency?)

The thing is, Nobody likes this bill but it's a start. Kill the patient to find the cure I guess....

End "All Health Care All the Time"

I often wonder who it is that gets excited over the far-fetched, grand touristy plans floated by pie-in-the-sky pseudo-public agencies that have little real chance for success....Now I know.

Will Apple TV not interact with TV sets made by other brands and only operate at twice the cost? (One thing's for sure, when it rolls out the fanbois (and certain tech writers) are going to go gaga over it)

New Gay Marriage Rally Cry: Let's be JUST LIKE MEXICO!!!...hey NO, wait.....Ah nevermind dammit.

County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia = King Canute....Discuss.

3-hour tarmac limits are great. Can we do something about that hard-as-a-rock pellet on my slop tray that was last identifiable as a dinner roll during the McKinley administration?

Atheists are people too. (And should have equal rights to run for elected office and dip their snouts in the trough)

If the argument for no arguments against is that "It's science", then you're really not dealing with "science" at all. (It's technically closer to something that we call "Religion", down here in the Bible belt that is.)

Speaking of Religion (And you thought the Catholic Church had a monopoly on funny robes.)

Today's Texas Tribune Daily Brief. The Interesting bits: "Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group" & "according to a report the Center for Public Policy Priorities released yesterday."

I've no issue with labelling the AfP as a "conservative group" they most certainly are. But to not label the CPPP as a liberal "progressive" group is a glaring omission.

Why do elected officials burn through thousands to win a job that only pays in the hundreds per year? (Hint: It's not some secret siren call to public service that only they can hear.) **Despite their assurances that this is so.**

Emily Ramshaw needs a drinking game. In this article on Texas' health spending every time you see a reference to increasing State spending....drink. (If you make it passed the first five paragraphs drink two)

Ronnie Earle is all-in for Lite Gov, and in the InterLeft there was much rejoicing.


Slampo takes a peek at Houston's long, storied history of (allegedly) electing gay mayors. In the process he bangs out one of the funniest blog posts of the year.

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