Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/29/09)

Feeling National today....

Many people don't qualify for COBRA? Shoot, most people can't afford COBRA.

I've long been a fan of low-cost medical clinics attached to grocery stores, pharmacies etc. Great places to go if you've got something minor and don't want to go through the hassle of scheduling a Dr's appointment. Too bad more people don't know about, and use, this medical option. (I still use my regular physician for my annual physical, major health issues and the like, but for an upper respiratory infection? Give me a walk-in clinic any day.)

Speaking of health care: How's that "top 5% of Americans" promise looking to 'ya?

Tom Kirkendall on America's Security Theatre. The important bit is that America currently isn't doing airport security, it's never been about that over here. Real security means the bad guys don't ever get on the plane. Ask the Israelis.

Wanna deal on a Pontiac? Because they're coming.

If you think your job sucks, consider the task in front of Peter Orszag. Cutting a Federal budget that's resistant to cuts, has entrenched bureaucracies fighting against even common-sense cutbacks and politicians who are afraid to lose funding because they might lose votes. Give me Oil & Gas accounting any day.

See? Potholes are crime fighting tools. Silly us to not let Chief Hurtt's master plan mature.

Round One for Al Hoang. Now there's just that little matter of his campaign finance reports....

Are you ready for Immigration Reform 2010? Some groups are. I wonder if Congressional Democrats (already feeling under siege from healthcare and Cap n' Trade) are going to be willing?

One man's opinion on the best tech devices of 2009. Your opinion may vary.

An end to the long, winding Ben Reyes tale? I'm willing to be he's hoping so. I wonder if an attempted return to politics can be too far in the future?

Houston's airports don't have body imaging devices. How un-World-Class of us. (Something MUST be DONE! **probably something that involves spending Millions of taxpayer dollars**)

Private Oaths equal less money spent. The age of austerity begins?


If Houston REALLY wants to be world class, Slampo suggests we start by cleaning our restrooms. Makes sense, it's cheaper than a fourth sports stadium, serves a public health purpose, would actually generate jobs and is something that can be used by everyone.

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  1. **Houston's airports don't have body imaging devices. How un-World-Class of us. (Something MUST be DONE!**

    You are probably right about this. *sigh*

    I hate those machines. In Tulsa, they slow everything down unbelievably (unless you know the one lane that still has the old machine or know that you CAN request a wanding/patdown instead). In fact, the last time I got stuck in one of those lines in TUL, the TSA idiots had so little confidence in the machine that they were pulling EVERYONE aside after we cleared the thing and doing a body wand/pat down. I kid you not. The goons had rendered the Tulsa Airport, one that has always been a fav of mine for its efficiency, into something more akin to the slowest line at Newark.


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