Friday, January 29, 2010

The economy of the future...

The salad days for major oil companies are over. What this means is that Houston's buffer against the bad economy is about to evaporate like so much condensate spilled out of a tanker. If you think Big Oil is worried about public perception over off-shoring you'd be wrong. The way they figure it they've already been demonized by one political party who's now suggesting large tax increases on them to fund entitlements.

Meanwhile, we're told that the new "green-energy" economy is The economy of the future.

It's similar to "free crabs tomorrow". By the time tomorrow gets here we're all going to starve to death. The failure of the Republicans (when they were in power) and the Democrats (now) to craft an energy policy that's designed around our domestic resources in lieu of reliance on foreign oil and a pie-in-the-sky unrealistic alternative will be looked at as one of the greatest public policy blunders of all time when future Chinese historians study American culture.

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