Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/06/10)

Years from now these will be the good old days....

Baby it's (gonna be) cold outside. - Take care of your pets and plants. Especially your pets. Bring 'em inside for one night at the least. (Unless that is, you own a Husky or some furry breed. Hell, they might thank you for turning the heat down for all I know.)

Don't make it gay? - And in the Interleft there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Here's my question: What kind of Party chair doesn't field a competent challenger against an obviously vulnerable incumbent such as Eversole? Hell, Mincberg isn't doing anything right? Don't tell me that perennial candidate Chris Bell wasn't waiting by the phone with baited breath.) The HCDP blew it on this one. Big time.

Where's Bill? - Don't worry, ChronBlog will be sure to let you know.....eventually. (This could be the scoop of a lifetime for them, a gubernatorial candidate who's received six years of fawning coverage from the region's largest political blog. ChronBlog should be all-access with the White campaign, blogs, columns, dispatches you name it. But they're not going to be...because it's ChronBlog.)

Boomtowns! Katy and Atascocita? Apparently so.

The new writer and his new (edgy?) style is really wearing old fast. (Just sayin')

And in one stroke, The mean IQ in Washington DC increased several points. I've said it before: Almost every bad piece of legislation passed in the previous 20 years has Chris Dodd's fingerprints all over it. Good riddance.

Honesty fears not the light of day....The Healthcare bill on the other hand.....

If Republicans can be said to have a desire to wear Ronald Reagan's underwear, then the Democrats are perpetually trying to fit into FDR's. My contention is that the country would be a lot better off if we could stop dusting off old ideas, with just the twiddly bits tweaked to account for modern times, and find real leaders who can legislate forward.

Republicans used to scream about "Democrats vs. Democrats Lite" and how they wanted to avoid that. How's that "conservative revolution" working out for ya?


Odd, ends and tidbits surrounding the upcoming 2010 elections courtesy of the Texas Tribune's Ross Ramsey. (You would think that the Democrats, feeling the wind at their backs, would have done a better job filling out the ballot with quality candidates. You would think that UNLESS you understood a couple of Texas truisms: 1. As bad as Texas Republicans are organizationally, Texas Democrats are worse. 2. Texas Democrats are still very thin on the bench in regards to electable State-wide candidates.)

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