Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/19/10)

Well...you see it's like this.....

After months of controversy, HFD Chief Boriskie is stepping down. So far details are sketchy but it almost sounds as if he's going to try and re-join the rank & file. (Which makes me curious, has any prior chief ever attempted a move such as this? If, that is, this is what he's considering.)

Originally I said no way. But if Brown defeats Coakley then you get what you paid for on this blog in terms of National political predictions.

Why does it matter? This Richard Dunham article does a pretty good job of laying out some reasons why. (Yes, it even matters to Texans, from a 'super majority' perspective.)

The Texas Tribune ran something similar to this story yesterday. Why ChronBlog felt the need to ape their content today (with very little value-add) is beyond me.

Question of the day: Is anger for political purposes really anger? (I vote no)

We all saw this coming: The President of a Texas University feels the solution to our education crisis is to put more students in Universities. (The definition of insanity and all that. How about not forcing square pegs into round holes? Ever thought of that?)

OK, so you were appointed by Perry to run the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Your term is up, and you get jobs advising people who you argued with continually while in office? Welcome to the revolving door of Texas politics. (Where the only "green" so-called green groups are pursuing is federal funding.)

TABC Chair Jose Cuevas (Real name, not kidding) either has an unlimited reservoir of chutzpah or is among the more politically tone-deaf public officials in Austin. You be the judge.

And finally.....

Word clouds! I found this interesting, your mileage may vary.

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