Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/20/10)

...and among the Republicans there was much rejoicing.

Imagine what they would have sung had he lost?

It's not like Art Briles is taking over...c'mon y'all.

My design suggestion would be to not build a thing.

How do you solve a problem like Medina?

The big question is: Are we really going to miss people like this if they DO boycott. (Don't let the door hit ya.)

As hard as it is for some to believe, there are people who are willing to accept slower response times in return for lower taxes. (Your willingness to live in the City is just as foreign to them)

Lose an election, burn the "rich" in effigy. (In their defense, the Democratic playbook is as thin and uncreative as the Republican playbook)

Nope, The Boston Globe doesn't get it. They REALLY don't get it. (Media temper tantrums are fun!)

It seems that some Democratic pols are getting it however. (Begrudgingly, but the specter of the unemployment line is a great sobering agent.)

An unlikely victory, in graphic form.

Texas Gubernatorial donations in graphic form. Guess where most of Bill White's money is coming from? (To be expected of course, and not necessarily a bad thing.)

As hard as this may be for some journos to grasp: Maybe Medina wants to win? Just sayin'.

And finally.....

Being a Texan is a state of mind....for Republicans & Independents mostly. Democrats are more likely to identify with their City. Which could partially explain why there are more Democrats blogging locally than Republicans. (And why 'Texan sucks' is such a popular refrain among Texas Dems.) Interesting data points.

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