Monday, January 25, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/25/2010)

Who Dat? etc. etc....

Welcome to Chrysler-land Fiat.

When crisis strikes: Change the window dressing. (Call it, Modern Political Leadership Theory 101)

Political truism: When polls are trending negative the gut-shot reaction is to announce "help for the middle class". (Call it, Modern Political Leadership Theory 201)

I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting for the "dippin' dots" green economy of the future to replace the jobs that are about to be lost.

Are For-profit colleges the wave of the future? (Not unless the perception of their degrees in the corporate world improve substantially.)

Saving wetlands is always a good idea. (There are perhaps no ecosystems more vital to environmental health than marshes and wetlands.)

Here come the wave of fitness center lawsuits. (Death, taxes and trial lawyers trying to make a buck.)

An interesting look at Texas CAN academy. (Write-off the car AND the kid?)

What a mess. (With all of the oil traffic in the Houston Ship Channel, it's amazing this doesn't happen more often.)

Foreclosures on the upswing in Houston. As the current administration seeks to cripple Houston's two largest industries (health care and energy) expect this trend to continue to rise.

Should we read anything into the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank's recent fixation on Houstonians' eating habits? That's two editorials against processed foods in two days.** Preparing for a second career in nutrition perhaps? (After the eventual shuttering of the ChronBlog that is.)

Two sides of the Metro Universities line land takings: 1. From the Pro-Metro crowd and 2. From the Anti-Metro crowd. You are all free to choose the argument that best suits your political leanings.

What's the statute of limitations on blaming your predecessor? In the corporate world you have somewhere around a six-month window. In politics, where (honestly) taking the blame for screw-ups is unheard of it could be unlimited. (Whether or not the populace believes you (not including the unquestioning left fringe) is another story. We already know the unquestioning right fringe never believed you in the first place.)

Cutting the Federal Budget without addressing entitlements is akin to trying to lose weight without changing your eating habits. It ain't gonna' work. That being said, the populace has, seemingly, had enough of the run-away spending. Of course, this being politics, the pundits think this is a good time to increase the agenda and spend more.

The problem with today's journalists? They're too close to the people they cover. (See: The "super-secret" journo/movers & lefty shakers meetings that none shall mention**.)

Medina is turning out to be a progressives late Christmas present. A Republican with no chance to win but who could force Perry into a run-off. (Thus keeping his campaign machine turned away from Bill White.)

And finally.....

Republicans on the Interwebs (WARNING! It ain't pretty.)

*All joking aside, the advice they are giving regarding diets is fairly accurate. So there's that.

**Unless they want to let everyone know that they are a lefty mover & shaker that is, then....they let it slip. (from time to time)

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