Saturday, February 6, 2010

Downtown Dynamo

Michael Reed of the West Houston Examiner continues Houston Community Newspapers' excellent coverage of the Dynamo Stadium situation by reporting on the reaction of East Downtown District board members and residents to the proposed Bellaire location.
While all of those who addressed council wanting the stadium built in the area bordered by Hutchins, Walker, Dowling and Texas streets, they were even more adamant that the land be used for commercial purposes. To a person, they said a jail would be a huge setback.

Go read the whole story.

I believe that the Bellaire location is not much more than a bargaining chip that Oliver Luck is attempting to use in order to force the County to address their funding. After all, we're dealing with a large public structure offering plenty of opportunities for campaign-friendly photo ops and dedication plaques placed with said politicians name for years to come.

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