Friday, February 5, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/05/10)

Friday, a cold, drizzly-assed Friday.....

OK, I said that I wasn't going to crack on L'il Red's latest but that doesn't meant that I won't link to others cracking on her.

We could be witnessing the end of Toyota as an independent going concern. The lawsuits from all of this are going to be brutal.

But health-care reform isn't going to change this one bit right? (Uh...right?) You can tell the most about a society by observing their prisons.

Chronblog continues their features pieces on Texas Gubernatorial candidates. Yes, it's slop. Superficial hackery dressed up as a campaign value-add. (And, as others have noticed, with poor identification of left-leaning think-tanks as well) Slop.

There are two new baby elephants expected to be born at the Houston Zoo in 2010. I hope they are working with this group who, despite operating in the face of a ton of animal rights misinformation, is pretty much the only group successfully breeding elephants in captivity and (knock on wood) not having difficulty with the herpes virus.

That EZTag parking didn't work out so swell for the County did it? (One thing: EZTag fees ARE consumption taxes. ChronBlog's fiddling with the language doesn't make it not so.)

You RACIST!! Shami's getting a wee bit desperate methinks.

Is it just me? Or is the idea of ChronBlog Metro columnist Rick Casey chiding others for not apologizing for mistakes sorta, just a little bit, Pot/Kettle? (I mean, reportedly he has a paid fact-checker and still can't get it right 1/2 the time.)

Oliver Luck wants his public funding. He also wants his downtown ZIP code for his office. Which is why I still think all of this is just a ruse to try and increase leverage.

Nugent, Palin & Perry. Ah well, one out of three ain't bad.

When Democrats give advice to Republicans (or vice/versa) the results usually aren't good.

And finally....

Miles vs. Edwards III. Proving the old truism that twice is one more than enough.

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