Monday, February 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/08/10)


Kevin Whited, of BlogHouston, weighs in on the Metro "Airport Express" bus route that's hemorrhaging money and suffering from low ridership. It's a service that has potential, if it were only scaled correctly. (And not being set up in a manner designed to appease Yellow Cab, as Dr. Whited rightly notes)

On that note, it does appear that Parker is (at least) considering different directions for Metro. Given the recent state of affairs, that's a plus.

Strippers for Haiti. Hey, why not?

Mike Tolson gives us his opinion on NASA's future. Outside of the Op/Ed section and bundled in with news coverage.

"Smart" Meters are coming to Houston. I heard on NPR's "All Things Considered" a tech guy speaking on so-called "smart" phones. He said that the "surest way to ruin something was to put the word "smart" in front of it." In Houston we have "smart" growth, "smart" planning and now "smart" meters. I just can't help wondering what's so smart about any of them? Maybe they're designed to bring the fun back to totalitarianism?

Sarah in Cypress, and the crowd goes wild. Meanwhile, Nate Silver proves Rick Perry right. Inadvertently I'm sure.

Hey Indiana! God HATES you. How do I know this? Because he answered the Saints prayer and not yours. (There was a video blurb last night on KHOU that a HOUSTON church held a "prayer meeting" to pray for a Saints win. That's right, a Saints win.)

Some good jobs numbers for 4Q 2009. I actually expect overall job numbers to be better in 1Q 2010 because, traditionally, companies ramp up hiring at the beginning of the new year due to budgets etc. (You should see this take effect around March I'm guessing)

Earlier this month people were saying "the climate bill is dead" and I warned that no bad idea in DC is ever truly dead. Well, it's back with a new set of talking points. No longer is it designed to "save the planet" now it's a "pollution reducer" and "revenue generator" for the public sector. (Because what we need right now is a larger transfer of money from the wealth-creating private sector into the wealth consuming public sector. Yup, that'll fix us.)

And none of that even begins to talk about the job-market killing effects these bills will spawn.

When your party is in power, Democracy is grand. When you're losing in arena of public discourse then the system is suddenly to blame. America would be a great place if it wasn't for all of those Americans. (Of course, it's possible the problem could be with those who govern and not with those who are governed.)

Tonight, the Democrats dance. (If nothing else Farouk Shami has the potential to make this fun.) If he can fluster Bill White, he wins....the debate. There's no way he's going to win the primary.

Then again, when you're offering up three minor league players for the second most powerful position in the State, maybe you hope for some fireworks in the Gubernatorial debate? (It would be nice to see Dewhurst face a credible challenger. If, for no other reason, than to make him publicly take a stand on issues.)

Oh yeah, Texas is short of money. A strong two-party system would have us discussing that, instead of Bill White's attitude toward Shami's race etc.

Today's political non-shocker: The Austin American-Statesman doesn't like Medina's "tax swap" proposal.

And finally....

Trouble brewing in the San Antonio Tea Party. The big problem I have with the Tea Party contingent is that they are a movement primarily based on anger. Eventually, you're going to need something other than righteous indignation to craft policy. I haven't seen that as of yet. (In fact, most of what I've seen is pissed-off older folks waving signs.)

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