Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/10/10)

The "sick blogger's foundation" should exist FWIW.....

David Jennings brings attention to a recent poll showing Debra Medina gaining ground to within the margin of error to Kay Bailey Hutchison. Then he opines as to the why.

How distasteful is losing out on Federal funds to today's local pols? Distasteful enough that they'll spend $50K to re-up a membership that was recently categorized as "not worth it".

This guy is so getting fired. You don't hit Metro's crown jewel. Especially not in an icky old bus.

OK, the Dem debate sucked fortunately, Slampo is here to make it all worthwhile.

Anthony Hall has left the building. I wonder if he will still be allowed to "review" programs that he created as a courtesy?

Year-round school? It could happen.

Not-so-thinly-veiled misogyny. The sad thing is, this will UP his status with some voters.

I find it funny that Democrats railing against Palin often accuse Obama's TelePrompTer detractors of irony while failing to realize the irony in their own arguments.

Imagine if a Conservative publication ran this cartoon?

And finally.....

There's going to be a short-fall in the next budget. Our elected officials had better do a better job of filling it than they did two years ago.

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  1. "You don't hit Metro's crown jewel. Especially not in an icky old bus."

    Especially not in front of Metro's HQ building. Right at the start of afternoon rush hour.



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