Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/11/10)

These things take forever with the new foster puppy wanting attention....

R.I.P. Charlie Wilson. One of the last of an iconic breed of Texas politicians.

"The Godfather" has control of the Dynamo Stadium deal and you had better not forget it.

The fringe Democratic candidates for Governor are suing KERA. Nearest I can tell their one, glaring fault was that they, unlike Shami and White, were not rich, and therefore unable to buy a constituency.

UH approves their tuition hike over the protests of many. Unfortunately we live in an age when a College education is considered "a basic service" by many of our elected officials. (Many of which are well compensated by the education lobby which creates a perpetual money vortex into which we're throwing many limited resources in an effort to provide a secondary education to many who aren't fit for it.) Yes, it's the definition of insanity.

Another attempted reform in HISD, another campaign by Gayle Fallon and the Teacher's Union to stop it. One thing's for sure, in the end, only the students will end up being the real losers. (Which, could be, the plan all along. As long as the district and unions win after all.)

Now that it's all over....Shami gets the ChronBlog reach-around. Nice.

KHOU on City response to blight. Many of which, are owned by the same City. Just show's what tough talk and no action will get 'ya. (Can't wait until all that rhetoric gets to the Governor's office can you?)

Kevin Whited of BlogHouston weighs in on the 420/30 view of public transportation and questions some long-standing assertions that rail is the miracle drug as portrayed by supporters. (In fact, very few (if any) of the assertions of rail-supporters and the twenty-something amateur urban planner/Metro fan-boi brigade are backed by actual social studies. Instead they're based on neat-o maps whipped up on their iMacs and thrown together with a hefty dollop of begging the question as supplied by David Crossley and Co.)

And finally....

The ChronBlog Titanic as noticed by Anne Linehan.

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