Friday, February 12, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/12/10)

Truth to tell......

Debra Medina: Point. Counter-point.

I'll bet Politico wishes they could have this one back. How 'bout you?

Bill White gets another Love tap from ChronBlog.

HISD passes new teacher dismissal plan, unions scream.

Oh yeah, and it's going to cost Millions. Just so you know...

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities ties their success in graduation rates to immigration reform. They also borrowed Mrs. White's catapult to craft a solution.

The piss test heard 'round the world. Or, at least, a small part of Houston.

Slampo on Charlie Wilson Good reading, certainly more mature than ChronBlog's effort.

The pole tax goes back to the courts. Newspaper journalists everywhere cheer.

The Bill White err. Texas Tribune is still struggling on how to identify the CPPP (Hint: The Liberal advocacy group would be a good start.)

And finally.....

The Tribune on The Tea Party. Is their sketchy mission statement part of the reason there are so many things attributed to them? (some false, some not so false FWIW)

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