Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/17/10)

I'm giving up mushy peas for Lent.....

Mike McGuff reports that Houston Municipal Employees Pension Chief Don Long is retiring. BlogHouston wishes him well and repeats all of our hopes that local journos stay on top of the pension story.

I'll give Eric Berger this much. When the guy melts down, he REALLY melts down. Eric "Chernobyl" Berger anyone?

Say goodbye to your third sophomore year.

PeTA: proving that animals are smarter than humans for 20 years.

Houston oil firms might as well go to Iraq. It's not as if the current administration is giving them much choice.

Say hello to my little begonia.

More proof the Heights is full of hot air. (In all seriousness, congratulations to Val Padgett for breaking the record.)

In reality, Shirly Price should resign. If, for nothing else, not understanding the morals of the community she claims to represent. (That's casting aside the wisdom of giving fellatio tips to children. Attempt to further your career on your own time.)

Coming to you live from what USED to be your back-yard. WHO radio. Today's topic: How to turn a derelict piece of downtown property into a windfall of Millions though insider deals and back-room wrangling. (OK, I kid. In reality it's relating to HPD and HFD communications, but the former sounds more fun doesn't it?) **Kudos to Councilmember Jolanda Jones. The most vocal proponent of limited gov't and citizens rights on this iteration of Houston Municipal Government.**

And if you vote before next Sunday, you get a lollipop! (OK, that's not true either. It would sure be nice though. Red (colored with the blood of Dick Cheney's human sacrifices) raspberry for Republican and Blue (using environmentally sensitive dye extracted from the irises of Lisa Falkenberg in order to save the dung beetle) raspberry for Democrats.)

About those budget cuts....

And finally....

How Texans feel about ancient, ancient history. As for me? Heck I don't know. I wasn't there and there are no surviving eye-witness accounts. We'll all find out some day I guess.

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