Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/18/10)

Shaun White is better than you.....(at snowboarding)

No one is arguing that climate change legislation is going to be horrible for the existing Texas economy. What's humorous is that the faith-based AGW defenders are still pointing to the Dippin' Dots economy as the way out.

Rick Perry "hearts" Toyota and so does the Texas economy. For that matter so does the new American manufacturing industry.* (Is it a conflict of interest that a majority owner in one of Toyota's chief competitors is now conducting a 'hearing' on their safety record? Just asking.)

Full speed ahead to year-round schools. On some campuses anyway.

Shami's campaign staff is out, although I'm not sure how effective they were in the first place. (Then again, I'm almost certain most of the blame for this mess of a campaign is on Shami, and NOT Leibowitz and co. In other words, given the candidate, they had no chance to be effective.)

There's no theatre like security theatre.

Oh yeah: It's been suggested that you should pay for children's breakfast. All children's breakfast, regardless of parental income. (I'm certainly not opposed to children who need it being given a breakfast. I don't blame the kid because the parents are lazy/stupid/bad parents/unlucky etc. What concerns me the most is that we're getting closer and closer to a point where children in public schools are de facto "wards of the State", something for which we used to deeply criticize totalitarian regimes.)

Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Just sayin'

Justice Keller may not be out of the woods yet. (And in the InterLeft there was much rejoicing.)

I just find this headline amusing: Democrats challenging GOP Lieutenant Governor mostly agree. (Well good for them.)

The Bill White er...Texas Tribune discovers the quoting joy that is Gayle Fallon. (Teaching would be great if it wasn't for all those damn parents and students.)

Evan on the FireDogLake polls, more specifically, Evan agreeing with Nate Silver on the FireDogLake polls. (Who says bipartisanship is dead?)

And finally....Undercover news:

KTRK style.

KPRC style.

Nice reports and investigative work by both entities. I give this round to Stephen Dean however for actually getting the targeted employee to lock herself in a broom closet in order to ignore questions. Bring on Sweeps week!

*Now safely located in the right to work South FWIW


  1. ... and Fallon is 100 percent, or at least 90 percent, correct in this case. Park Mr. Sanders' backside in most any HISD classroom for just a day or two, live and uncensored, and see how his "system" fits ...

  2. One thought about that whole "let's provide breakfast to ALL the skoolchilluns, regardless of their family income" spiel: doesn't it remind you an awful lot of the early days of TARP, when the fund$$$ were being pushed on every and all banks (whether they were drowning in toxic debt or not), under the idea that "otherwise, the banks that really *do* need these funds won't apply, lest they be perceived as 'in trouble'"?

    How did *that* work out, again?




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