Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Noise Machine (02/23/10)

"When hell..err...Houston freezes over?"

Trent Seibert of Texas Watchdog fame, takes his camera along for a walk around Houston's Eastwood neighborhood. What follows is an interesting look at true diversity, small business and....the evils of synthetic playground grass. (H/T: BlogHouston)

Take me out to the (minor league) ball-game. (I'm rooting for Sugar Land here. I'm sure the Astros aren't however. One of the best things about Minor League baseball is that it can often remind you how poor the major league experience really is. Give me Round Rock over the Astros any day.)

Brrrrr. (On a bright note: After this it appears that Global Warming will concentrate itself in Houston for at LEAST the discernible future as temperatures are projected to rise. Go Global Warming!)

Remember all of the "sky is falling" exclamations, from those claiming to be in love with science, about how the new science standards signified the death of the same? Yeah, not so much. Proof that it's a bad idea to base policy on the unhinged rantings of fringe actors with personal axes to grind. (Or from people who designed their version of the curriculum, are given an uncontested voice by the region's largest political blog, and spend most of their time calling opponents names.)

Even an animal knows to get up and leave after being kicked multiple times, why should we expect the energy industry to be any different? (This is just the beginning of downsizing, relocation and off-shoring initiatives that energy companies are going to be taking to move their workforce out of a City/Country that has shown no signs of wanting them there.)

Elect me and I'll....What? You want specifics? (All the easier to change course after the election my dear.)

Did Ursula Hall tell L'il Red her baby was ugly or something? Typically Falkenberg reserves these screeds for Houstonians who have a different world view than she. (Nice column though, I'd like to see more like this on many of the lower profile races in BOTH parties.) Yes, ChronBlog should play a role in weeding out the weak candidates. I'd argue, as self-described media, they have an obligation to do so. (Except that they're a political blog, NOT real media any longer)

The Economist gives Rick Perry The once-over, and declares him the odds-on favorite to be Governor....again. (They also provide a fairly sober analysis of the race, something lacking in most local coverage where hyperventilating partisanship is the norm.)

Nature reserves are grand, until people start running out of clean water that is. (Then I wonder what will happen?)

And finally....

Money, it makes the political world go 'round.

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