Thursday, February 4, 2010

A novel idea....

The Texas Humane Legislation Network of Texas is taking a different tack...

Instead of issuing an endorsement of "Candidate A" over "Candidate B" they're suggesting their members go and volunteer for a handful of candidates to show support and build relationships. Here's the release:

Primary races for seats in the Texas House of Representatives are now underway. The primary election will be March 2nd. (only one month away) This is a perfect time to acquaint yourself with the candidates, educate them to the need for animal protection legislation, and help in their campaign. In helping candidates with their election you will earn their respect and trust which will be invaluable in passing animal protection laws during the 2011 Legislative Session

We encourage each of you to contact the following candidates in your area who are engaged in a contested primary election and offer your help in their campaigns. They are as follows:

District 4 - Lance Gooden (Kaufman)

District 11 - Charles Hopson (Jacksonville)

District 14 - Fred Brown (Bryan/College Station)

District 15 - Rob Eissler (Woodlands)

District 20 - Milton Rister (Georgetown)

District 20 - Charles Schwertner (Georgetown)

District 43 - Jose Lozano (Kingsville)

District 45 - Patrick Rose (Dripping Springs)

District 64 - Myra Crownover (Denton)

District 66 - Mabrie Jackson (Plano)

District 69 - Lanham Lynn (Wichita Falls)

District 84 - Mark Griffin (Lubbock)

District 87 - Victor Leal (Amarillo)

District 91 - Kelly Hancock (N. Richland Hills)

District 92 - Todd Smith (Bedford)

District 98 - Vicky Truitt (Keller)

If you can help with any of these campaigns, please contact Rick Bousquet : (Tel: 806/584-6025; Email: for information.

Please act now - time is of the essence !

It's an interesting concept. If you're interested in something like that I would suggest you get involved.

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