Monday, February 22, 2010

One man's opinion.....

.......of manufacturing in Texas?

(Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle, 02/19/2010)
There are six more names, mostly concentrating their agendas on issues of workers' rights and rebuilding Texas' shattered manufacturing base.

If the candidates categorized Texas' manufacturing base in that manner then the article didn't make that clear. It appears that it's the journalist making the case and it shouldn't have been in the article. Also, Texas "manufacturing base" is only "shattered" when viewed from a union perspective. Non-union manufacturing is making somewhat of a comeback.

The rest of the article is another puff-piece for Bill White. See Evan's writing from about a month ago for why you're seeing more and more of these, and how his "Democratic establishment" observation is now hitting the mainstream. Since that ground has already been plowed I see no reason to go back over it.

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