Sunday, February 21, 2010

The power or incumbency......

...means never having to look too far to find a political interest willing to lend a dollar.

(Stewart M. Powell & Joe Holley, ChronBlog 02/20/10)
Continental Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek said the liberal, street-savvy Democrat “has been a tireless advocate” for the needs of his Houston-headquartered carrier, including becoming “personally involved” in getting President Barack Obama's administration to focus on Continental's bid to join the 26-carrier Star Alliance.

Or, apparently, finding a local media outlet who's willing to refer to you in glowing terms.

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  1. Here's what I don't get: Why add that "liberal, street-savvy" part?

    If you just put Democrat, it's reporting -- not editorializing in any way. It's also economical (extra print costs $$$ in the current newspaper environment). But maybe Smisek called her that. It's just not clear.

    Maybe Mike Snyder could explain this to us, since he seems to be a believer in such editorializing and such confusing construction has also found its way into his stories. Mike, you reading this?


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