Monday, March 8, 2010

Fact-checking Rick Perry....

expect a whole lot of this...

(Perry claim on Texas growth put to the test, Tristan Hallman, ChronBlog, 03/08/2010)
Politifact Texas examines the claims made by Perry in the following video that Texas is the fastest growing state with the most Fortune 500 companies.

According to the story Politifact Texas has put "several" Bill White quotes against the "Truth-o-meter". That's not exactly true. As of this writing, Bill White has exactly 5 statements that have been "truth-tested":

Rick Perry has Seventeen.

Also of note, there's been no "fact-check" of this statement by Bill White despite the fact that it is a quantifiable statement that is central to his positioning in the campaign.

Consider this "exhibit A" in the argument against media "fact-checking." It's a rediculous venture that often leaves more unanswered than it answers. Plus it's conducted under the false tag of "non-partisanship". Far better to get your campaign news from partisan bloggers and non-profits. Yes, they're biased, but they admit it and you can filter that out.

Nothing you see over at Politifact: Texas is going to help you one iota in sorting out the Bill White/Rick Perry "Who sucks the least?" morass.

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