Monday, March 1, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/01/10)

Coming down from the late-night Olympic caffeine highs....

Galveston is set to begin spending their post-Ike repair grant money. Hopefully on infrastructure projects exclusively.

Ecclesia expected something tame. What they got was an anti-authoritarian scene from a kid who's spent too much time watching movies and playing video games. (Besides, we've all been told by those in the know that the police don't beat up on the white kids C'mon)

Texas, working to get poor children off the roads since 2009. (The sad thing is, not all children are bad drivers, many need their cars to go to jobs etc. This legislation is going to be more punitive toward those that need to drive and won't really affect the source of the problem, kids with enough money to joy-ride in the first place.) The problem with sweeping government solutions is that they are a blunt instrument.

Texas Democrats want to downplay what's going on in Washington DC. Who can blame them?

Prediction: Skilling is getting a new trial.

Everybody wants a run-off. At least, everybody who's wishing for the Bill White best-case scenario. (I'm not so sure there will be one, on either side)

Selling Houston for conventions is tricky. Probably because Houston is where people want to work, not where they go to get away from it all.

The Houston Food Bank is taking charge of the food stamp situation. Without having to resort to an expensive gov't program at that. (Or, as some have suggested, sizable tax-increases for you.)

The Port spends $8MM and no one bats and eye. It's amazing how much money flows through the POH with little to no public oversight. (I'm not suggesting these contracts were somehow faulty, only that no one pays the Port any mind.)

Charles Kuffner offers a solution for Sealy. Unsurprisingly that solution involves electing Democrats and having them get more public aid. (That's one approach. Still, it's more than I've seen from others on the area, outside of getting the Gov't contract back that is.)

Some think the future Texas economy can be driven on the back of 2% of the total energy market. You did know that around 2-3% is the total projected cap for solar and wind energy right? (The serious cap, not the one touted by Farouk Shami and others.)

Time, not single elections, will tell if the Tea Party movement has any legs. My early guess is no, it won't. Baby Boomers in their old-age becoming much like the short attention-spanned youth whose wealth they are currently spending.

And finally....

More on Bill White's strategy against Perry. Here's something no one has said (aloud) as of yet: There's nothing that White can throw at Perry that's unknown or likely to shake those who have committed to vote for Rick. Conversely, everything that Rick throws at White will be brand now to a majority of the State. (Not including Houston and the true-blue believers.)

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