Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/02/10)

"If I could I would vote multiple times to beat these jokers"......

Let's get the obvious out of the way....today is election day, which means last minute campaign stops, look-ahead stories of dubious worth, and campaign retrospectives written with a sad glance toward what could have been. (Admit it, you were expecting more out of the Hutchison/Perry tie weren't you?) Oh, it also means tonight Texas will be full of political consultants in cheap suits dancing poorly to cheesy 90's club standards. If that's your idea of a good time then good on you. (I will be watching election returns from home while nursing a beer)

On that note: Approximately half of the Texas Lege has already been elected courtesy of having no challenger, or no credible challenger, on the ballot. (Everyone hates elected officials, except for THEIR elected officials. You know, the one's who promise them the stars?)

For about half of Texas voters, tomorrow is the only vote their going to have to put any thought into. (This is good, say, if you're a low-money candidate in an area where your party has a significant numbers advantage.

Why most last-minute political shockers don't move the radar much. Most voters have already made a decision. (This also illustrates why groups that endorse should try and do so, as much as possible, BEFORE the start of early voting. Are you listening ChronBlog?)

Home builder Bob Perry might not be as active this campaign season which could help Democrats in their quest to win a Statewide office.

Bill White is already adjusting his sights to target Perry as are his netroots. (Which raises a good question: If a tree falls in the Texas Blogosphere does it make a sound in the mainstream world?)

One last election note: The National media is paying much attention to our little Texas Throwdown. Maybe this is the world-classiness that some like ChronBlog are constantly wishing for? (Nahhh...it didn't cost taxpayers Billions of dollars.)

On to other news....

The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, already facing financial difficulty, has decided to become a player in the proposed Dynamo Stadium. Because, well...it's what Houston needs to cement it's world-classiness with the rest of the world.....minor league soccer....whee! (Apparently that's the tipping point.)

Once you turn on Skynet you can never turn it off. Just kidding, this super-computer thing sounds nifty.

Texas issued it's first posthumous pardon. In related news, the Earth shifted on its axis.

Miss a credit card payment lose a job? I can see the case for some jobs, especially ones with heavy cash handling. Outside of that?

Unsubsidized, in the open market, this wouldn't even be a fair fight. Wind's top capacity is only expected to be about 2% of demand....at it's peak. (NOTE: In today's ChronBlog there's a story that says wind got up to 22% of demand, on a windy-assed day. 2% of demand is a LONG-TERM energy industry prediction based on an average, not based on one single day with 30 MPH winds.)

And finally....

What this whole health care mess is really about... Single Payer. Whether your want it or not.

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