Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/03/10)

A little late due to mechanical failure.....

All election all the time.

Big Jolly Politics from the right. (and here.)

ChronBlog from wherever it is when they decide to report. (and here, here, here and here.)

Charles Kuffner from the left. (here and here.)

Nate Silver from the National Left

The Dallas Morning News from somewhere up there.

The Austin American-Statesman from...well...they're probably not even all that sure....

And the Bill White...err...Texas Tribune from all over the place. (here and here to the Tea Parties, for good measure.) Seriously, the Tribune had about 30 articles this morning on various races, both up and down ballot. Easily the most comprehensive coverage in Texas media. You should go check it out. Good job Evan & crew.

And finally....

Texas Watchdog has a good round-up of MSM coverage for the primary elections.

I'll have some thoughts up later in the day, but first, I've got to find a ride home since my car is now safely located at an auto repair shop with no clutch to speak of. Until that time, I refer you to Evan.

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