Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/04/10)

Make a fortune widda hairspray concession.....

Today the kids might be alright, but the teachers they got problems.....

We reject your reality and substitute our own.


How can we miss you if you won't go away? My opinion is screw the pressure, most of the people glad-handing her now didn't vote for her then. KBH doesn't owe the Republicans anything, she's obviously fed up with it, and needs to move on.

I'm surprised tuition re-regulation hasn't gotten a lot of play in this electoral cycle. It's not like higher education is a truly-free market after all. The problem with the Republican deregulation movement of the late 90's and aughts is that they chose the wrong targets to deregulate. (You deregulate what people want not what they need) At one time there was an issue here for Texas Democrats, but it got swamped under a pro-big government, anti-private industry wave foisted on them by the InterLeft.

Ron Kirk is mad dammit. (Of course, he's been mad since losing to Cornyn in '02 so what else is new?)

Ross Ramsey of the Bill White...err...Texas Tribune examines Bill White's early campaign prospects. Now will be the time that we find out whether or not White is "a tough, savvy campaigner" or just a guy who rode to elected office on the back of a weak Republican system in Houston. (Place your bets)

ChronBlog pens the first of (what I assume will be many) Tea Party obituaries. By supporting Perry they could retain some relevance. Writing in Chuck Norris would indeed be the end. (Truth be told, I'm tired of e-mails from them typed in all caps, and people suggesting I'm not doing my bit for "conservatism" (as they define it*) by not appearing at the rallies. Good riddance.)

Brian Phillips takes down David Crossley. I don't know about you but I don't want people like Crossley and his twenty-something amateur urban planners making life's decisions for me. They don't seem like they're much fun at happy hour.

Fundamental rights are subject to the political process"...Well that would make them not fundamental now wouldn't it Justice Breyer? As it stands now this version SCOTUS could go down as one of the worst in history.


Slampo on the Governor's race, with a nickel's worth of free advice for alcalde White.

*Not that I've ever been accused of being a conservative. Except by members of the InterLeft who thought JFK was a conservative as well.

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