Monday, March 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/08/10)

Award ceremony free since 2003......

It's getting ugly in the race for Chair of the HCRP. From charges of promoting gay candidates and encouraging those with moral turpitude to get on the ballot to questioning the wisdom of Mr. Woodfill's slicked-back mullet. Ugly, ugly indeed.

The anatomy of a Metro Story.....

1. A group of business owners meet to protest that Metro has not been keeping them in the loop regarding light rail plans on their street.

2. Anti-Metro blog notes that they talked to the movers and shakers (many of whom are on their board or who have financial deals in the works with them).

3. Pro-Metro blogger interviews one of the movers and shakers who summarily reminds us that the nay-sayers are 'tenants' with no real say in the matter.**

4. Life moves on, things proceed as normal, until construction starts and small businesses are forced to close "for the good of the community."

Speaking of Metro: I wonder how that "media scorecard" looks now? My guess is not so great after this week.

Superintendent Grier continues his slashing of HISD finances. It will be interesting to see how much more of this is allowed to go unchallenged by the media considering he's starting to impact the sacred cow of school meals.

Houston lawyers are getting in on the Toyota gravy train. If Toyota survives the inevitable deluge of lawsuits it will be a miracle.

ChronBlog plants a big, wet sloppy one on Bill White. I'm still amazed the CCTT hasn't gone ahead and endorsed White. (Most major newspapers should just get on with it really. Unless they understand that, given the current state of their industry, endorsements from media probably won't move the needle much and could end up hurting the endorsed candidate.)

You idiot Texans. If only you would have voted for the party that wants to dismantle 80% of your economy they would have been in place to "fight" harder for you when the time came to save the remaining 20%. (Like many, the economy is the single largest issue that I have with the Democratic platform. We can come to agreement on a lot of social issues, but the elimination of the classic JFK economic-moderate from the Democratic Party is equal to the expulsion of the Rockefeller social-moderate from the Republicans.)

The Ecomentals are against the Ike Dike. I am against the Ike Dike. Proving that there are issues where we can find common ground. (If you're thinking about pollution reduction and conservation, I'm typically with you. If you're venturing out into the realm of 'animal rights' forced vegetarianism and economic strangulation then we're probably at loggerheads.)

Unca Darrell continues his deconstruction of the ChronBlog Editorial Board.

While Slampo continues his deconstruction of Al Hoang.

Both bloggers are working harder and providing deeper analysis into local issues than are either of ChronBlog's two Metro columnists.

And finally.....

Can someone tell me the point of this Rick Casey column? He doesn't offer any new insight, he doesn't generate any new information. All he does is recap previous reporting (mostly by TV news crews) and then reminds us of what we already know.

**That's actually only a small part of the interview, where Breeding suggests that the property owners know what's going on (and that one of them is the Chairman of the Board of his organiztion) the entire interview is fairly enlightening and is worth a listen and more ink than I can give it in a simple link-post designed primarily with humor in mind.

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  1. ** Pro-Metro blogger interviews... **

    Kuffner's sucking up to certain local political interests of late rivals the suction of a Dyson.

    Do you think he's angling to become the next METRO blogger?

    Ah well, at least it's something of an original contribution (with a little nudge from the METRO's gargantuan PR department, no doubt), which is far better than his copyright abuse forays.


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