Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/09/10)

Welcome to the silly season.....

David Jennings of BigJolly Politics has been after Terry Lowry and his Link Letter endorsement mailer for quite some time. Today he's got his first break. It will be interesting to see where this goes moving forward.

More trouble for the State lottery. As if they need it.

More change at HISD from Terry Grier. It's been interesting watching him remake a district that desperately needs it. (Whether it all works or not?)

Who says the Republicans don't do it on the Facebook? It's the social conservatives vs. the fiscal conservatives in a cage match. (I'd pay to watch Lowry vs. Emmett, my money's on the County Judge however.)

County Court vs. County Sheriff. Showdown at high-noon. (In the modern day duels are fought with budget wonks.)

Busy week for Bill White so far. He says he's for real, tells the gambling lobby no way and tells those who want to see his personal financial statements to go pound sand. (In opposition to his opponent, who's made it a habit to release those to the public)

Tom Pauken on the Big Government Conservatism of the Bush administration courtesy of Texas Tribune.

And finally....

"The Medical Center would collapse without Light Rail", "Other cities are going to come and look at how we did this contract", "I think Metro is extremely transparent" and other joys abound in Charles Kuffner's interview with David Wolff. One thing clear from this is that Metro is bringing about its full arsenal of PR flacks against Pauline Higgins. (Well, that and David Wolff has no concept of scale when performing a cost/benefit analysis.)


  1. ** "The Medical Center would collapse without Light Rail" **

    The agreement to monitor stray current for the life of the rail system strongly suggests that at least some people (pesky engineers, Med Center execs, you know) are worried The Medical Center will collapse BECAUSE of the Light Rail!

    The Chron didn't much care about stray current, though, and Tom Bazan had to drag other journos almost kicking and screaming into that ongoing story (transparent METRO is still fighting him on turning over related documents).

  2. Wolff is always good for a laugh or two. In his own mind he's the besieged Caesar who never got credit for saving Houston from itself.


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