Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/17/10)

Well Blarney......

Phrase of the Day: "Deem & Pass" HCA Political Translation: Covering our assess for when this all blows up in our face. (If there's been a bigger legislative mess in recent history than this health care debacle, I don't remember it. I'm sure the Democrats could have handled this worse, but I'm not sure how.)

It's not that I care that Bill White has profited handsomely from his position on the board of BJ Services (FWIW: Nice reporting ChronBlog, took you a while but good job.) I don't. How he makes his money is his own look out. Where I take issue is when those who are making personal fortunes on oil and gas stand up as politicians and tell the rest of us that we should suffer for "the good of the planet". Yeah, that I take issue with.

At least Rick Casey is around to "provide the rebuttal" for the White campaign.

Speaking of the Goober, Texas Observer takes a peek at Rick Perry's slush fund. Otherwise known as the "Texas Enterprise Fund" a.k.a. the most egregious example of insider-corporate welfare in the country. (And yes, I take issue with Rick Perry's willingness to give Millions to his business cronies while cutting health-care for the poor. You should too FWIW, especially if you call yourself conservative.)

South! To the border! Oh boy.

Yet another twist in the long-sad tale of the BP refinery saga. A rare win for BP. (Albeit one, while unpopular, was probably justified under the language of the law.)

What's the deal with Metro drivers running red lights? (The video in this instance is especially jarring, because it indicates that said driver wasn't paying attention.)

The bad Metro news rolls on: A consultant is going to "probe" (ChronBlog's words) Frank Wilson's relationship. OK, yuck.

Finally! World Classiness! (It's OK to shed a tear for Houston. After all, we've worked so hard to get here.)

When social, neo-conservatives lose, the results ain't pretty.

If a fine is levied by the Texas Ethics Commission and it's paid for out of campaign funds. Is it really a fine?

and finally.....

Kirkendall asks the right questions about Metro. The answers to which should give everyone in Houston a little pause. (But they won't, because many aren't concerned about said questions, much less what the answers portend for the future of the city.)

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