Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/18/10)

It's Madness I tell you.....

BlogHouston notes a trifecta of Metro commentary that's better than most that you'll find in MSM. The thing is, there's always been more than two sides to the rail debate in Houston, they just weren't very well represented by a newspaper that has chosen sides. (One advantage of the decentralization of media is the ability of all sides in a debate to express themselves. You might not agree with them, but it's good to hear their opinions anyway.)

I just have to ask: Where the hell was this type of coverage over the last eight years? Anyone? (Or, just maybe, ChronBlog has decided NOT to let another big story unfold Statewide and Nationally while they sit on their hands?)

The perils of a weak immigration policy. No matter your party affiliation, if you don't believe in "a day's wages for a day's work" as one of the fundamental rights people have in America then you need to crush your Freedom Foil because you're getting some bad reception. (Now, as to what a fair wage IS there can be some debate, but shortchanging workers for work performed? Weak.)

In the Houston area, you might not be who you think you are. More specifically, someone else is more likely to be you than in other locations.

Let's try this again: "Gas" is not "gasoline" and interchanging the two in an article on gasoline prices doesn't help your energy cred. (As a matter of fact, the price points of the two products are relatively unrelated.)

Bill White: "The SBOE is Perry's fault.". Which would be a good campaign strategy except that, the SBOE is the voter's fault. (While the Commissioner of Education is an appointed position the State Board of education members are.....elected. The best way to reform this organization is at the ballot box, not in a change in Gubernatorial leadership.) This should, however, play well to White's base. Moderates? Not so much is my guess.

"Re-Elect Borris Miles" could be a violation of election laws. It probably won't amount to much more than a small fine, but there you go.

Sobering thought: $940 Billion Dollars. We now return you to your regularly scheduled job....

Maybe motherhood has been good for L'il Red? It's sure seemed to bring some external focus to her (formerly self-centered) writing style.

Upon Further Review: Texas didn't do as well as everyone claimed during the 2009 recession. Yes, they did better than California, but that's kind of like winning first prize in a wellness contest at a smoker's convention.

Speaking of California: Anyone catch the irony of a State with no grasp of history lecturing Texas on theirs? Yes, the SBOE has been embarrassing, but those in glass houses etc....

and finally....

The well educated are looking to comedians to generate their talking points. Think about that for a second. There's a case to be made that an education in common sense & people skills are much more valuable things than a traditional liberal arts education. (see: MSNBC & CNN for more)

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