Friday, March 26, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/26/10)

Taking a broad view......

When breathless advocacy reporting runs smack into reality the result's aren't pretty. ChronBlog has been a staunch advocate for CenterPoint's overly expensive(by National averages) "Smart meter" plan. Never mind that there's little evidence the benefit is worth the cost. (Thus proving the proclivity of the simple to be drawn to anything with the word "smart" in front of it like moths to a eco-friendly flame.)

The Republican problem in arguing against student loan reforms is that they are not arguing to preserve open markets. What they're arguing for is continuing corporate subsidies. (Which is a large blind spot for most modern Republicans, whether they admit it or not.)

HISD students prepare to take more tests. At least, those in AP programs, whose ostensible purpose is to allow kids to earn College credits. (This is a move that should weed out those children who shouldn't be in those programs in the first place.)

Shocker! Government study finds government funding does a better job dealing with the homeless than does charity. (Could've knocked me over with a feather.) I'll still keep donating to charities however, until the Government shuts them all down.

Charles Kuffner provides a progressives perspective on the shrinking Republican structural advantage in Texas. I think he overstates the Democratic case by (admittedly, in some cases*) discounting any factors that weaken his argument but, overall, there can be little doubt that Texas is purpling.

Next will be Social Security Reform. Hint: The solution will be even more wealth redistribution, and it won't be pretty for the Middle Class, who are going to take a beating along the lines they've taken in the regulation of Health Insurance. (This makes sense to you if you understand how progressives view the American Middle Class.)

Today's moment of whoa. (Or: "Damn" take your pick)

In today's economy, it doesn't pay to be the wrong kind of business. (Companies that make stuff, are non-union, and aren't a part of the Dippin' Dots economy need not apply)

And finally.....

America gets ready to fall into the VAT. (Which will further burden the middle class, thus lowering the standard of living.)

*Of course, he's hyper-partisan so you would expect that, just as you'd expect hyper-partisan Republicans to pooh-pooh the recent gains. The truth is somewhere in the middle: Democrats are gaining, but not as fast as progressives would like.)

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