Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Noise Machine (03/31/10)

Taking a wider view today....

Lawmakers hate competition. They typically do enough on their own to make Texas a laughingstock.

Oooooh! What's Kay gonna do? Hint: Who cares? There's no way she survives another Republican primary.

All of this sudden hand-wringing over the National Debt by editorial boards who backed almost all of the programs that created said debt is growing tiresome. (Almost as tiresome as the existence of editorial boards)

Example Two of the irrelevancy of the print media. Had they done their job reporting on health-care reform none of what's happening as a result of it would be a surprise. (Except maybe to Waxman, who's in an orbit of his own when it comes to the laughingstock thing seen above.)

If Texas sucks as bad as Progressives would have you believe...Then why are so many people still coming here?

Are "Public Sector Employees" the new "Red Menace"? One thing's for sure, the current leadership's job-growth policies seem focused on enlarging their ranks. (While simultaneously paring jobs from the private sector.)

And finally.....

If Houston had a real Metro columnist, or a real news media this guy would never have a chance of getting elected.

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  1. Regarding Congresscritter Waxman, as I asked yesterday on my own blog, will he be demanding that Mayor Parker also explain the CoH's decision to raise the premiums for city retirees?



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