Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Absolutely pathetic.

(That Big Bang Of A Dog-Fighting Bust Turns Into A Weak Whimper In The Courtroom, Craig Malisow, Houston Press, 03/03/2010)
The majority of Harris County dog fighters arrested after a massive 2008 undercover investigation were given deferred adjudication, served as little as two days in jail, had their charges dropped, or were never arrested.
As a country we put people in jail for failing to pay their taxes, for failing to pay traffic tickets, and a host of other things that many feel are non-criminal.

Yet, if you fight dogs, and are caught finding dogs, the resources, or will, to see justice served just isn't there. A majority of dog-fighting is done because there is no perceived penalty to doing so. While the animal rights groups are out trying to turn the world Vegan and protesting against College mascots, dog beauty pageants and circuses there is real, real suffering going on in the animal kingdom. THIS is the real animal problems that people should pay attention to. Not a small swatch of fur on an ice-skaters outfit. Sure, the other items are high-profile and make plastic celebrities like Pamela Anderson-Lee all giddy, but they do little to help the overall cause.

You keep protesting and eating grass and ignoring the real problem and I'll keep being an omnivore and working in the dog rescue trenches. Hopefully, some day, we'll get some help from local government to put a stop to this stuff. I just hope you don't try and hold a press conference taking credit.

Yes, I'm blogging angry right now.

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