Sunday, March 28, 2010

What they really want to do..... bring an end to what has traditionally driven their economy.

To do this their going to go out and look for a problem.

(New season means new rules for Central Texas tubers, Jennifer R. Lloyd, San Antonio Express-News, 3/28/10)
On March 8, council members approved 18 rules regarding water-recreation shuttle services, including the ban on their use of pickups as shuttles. Though in Texas it is legal for people 18 and older to ride in the back of a pickup, New Braunfels Mayor Bruce Boyer said the change addresses a potential safety issue for some revelers.
“People are tired. People may have, perhaps, lost their inhibitions to some extent,” Boyer said of tubers exiting the river. “We haven't had a lot of incidents with regard to this, but it really only takes one severe incident ... for it to become a huge problem.”
Got that? It could potentially be a problem but hasn't been yet. Therefore the obvious answer is to put an expensive level of regulation on companies that have traditionally been boosting the hell out of our economy.

I just hope the 1.5 Million people that visit New Braunfels annually don't decide to move their tack to the out of state river that my friends and I visit every year. It's crowded enough.

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  1. I guess I will be doing my Schlitterbahn-ing at Galveston this year.



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