Monday, March 1, 2010

Worth what you paid for them....

Following in the great tradition of poli-bloggers who are better at this than I:

Republican Gubernatorial Primary:

Perry 50%
Hutchison 27%
Medina 23%

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary:

White 57%
Shami 30%
Others 13%

A more probable scenario is that Perry will get around 48-49% and be in a run-off with KBH but, to spare us any further repeats of KBH's strained abortion answer, I'm going to say that both Perry and White avoid a run-off, albeit barely.

IF there is a run-off I'm almost certain it will be between Perry & Hutchison. I don't see even the Texas Democratic Party, and their curious voting history, (Gene Kelly anyone?) quirking up enough votes to put Shami in a run-off. Medina fell apart on Glenn Beck's show and while she kept a dedicated core of supporters, I don't see them propelling her into a run-off.

Either way make sure you vote tomorrow if you haven't already. There are a LOT of contested races out there.

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