Thursday, April 8, 2010


...most of you hate the media as much as you hate your current elected representatives.

While I don't find that terribly surprising during a time of economic trouble, I do find it unusual that the media is now trusted even less than people who got to where they are predominantly through pandering and some slick PR. If we're electing the Least Common Denominator to the halls of power then what does that say about the people who give us the news?

When historians look back on this they're going to laugh. The sad bit being that it was all preventable.


  1. I'm not sure I would equate "lack of trust" with "hate" (though I am certain there are some moonbats out there would have made that association, already.) It's not that I *dislike* the media, it's just that I have a healthy sense of skepticism about everything they say.

    Talking about healthy skepticism bordering on cynicism, how about that new religious blogger over at I'm still trying to figure her (and her blog) out. Sort of miss Kristina Herrndobler in that role, I do.

    BTW, it looks like I *will* have a new Congresscritter come next year. Yea!


  2. The religious blogger over at ChronBlog seems to have in her marching orders to be negative toward all things Christian.

    She's succeeding.


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