Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Noise Machine (04/21/10)

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Good news for the Houston Technology Center. Forbes named them to their 100 Places that are Changing the World list. Congrats.

This TCEQ ruling on Valero's tax exemption request is proving to be an interesting case study on the effects of poorly thought-out legislation. (And a reminder that for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction. See: "Health Insurance Industry, Reform Legislation" for more.)

Feral felines? Really? Please stop insulting our intelligence and just go out and admit that this is nothing more than the lingering vestiges of Bush Derangement Syndrome by the far left. (For your emotional well-being more so than ours.)

Pataki, no seriously.


Remember Clayton Williams? The Bill White Texas Tribune thinks he's about to do some very bad things with Ft. Stockton's water.

Also from the Tribune. Have a problem? obviously the answer is a big government solution. (It's the Tribune Way.)

Rick Perry vs. World offers this take on Cornyn vs. Crist. Evan's theory is that Crist is done, it's a theory with which I agree. (Along with pretty much every other Southern Republican whose not willing to fly the "Government is evil" banner.)

And finally....

One of Houston's twenty-something urban planners suggests that free parking in Houston IS the problem. (Nice use of the Communism card as well, bonus points for that one.) Whether or not you agree with Mr. Burleson it's a well-thought out piece that uses source material (by experts even) to forward his argument. If he keeps that up he's going to give the rest of us bloggers a bad name.

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  1. You mean to tell me that Fort Stockton has water?


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