Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One step back

Just as we were willing to consider her possible promotion to young adult columnist L'il Red, Chronblog's resident new (world-class we're sure) mom and teen-columnist severely regresses with today's weak Metro puff piece belatedly re-enforcing the defensive position that Metro took on their website.

OK. In the interest of fairness I'm going to ignore the obvious, that Greenblatt is a multiple award-winning reporter and L'il Red is....well...a columnist with a track record for shallow analysis and a juvenile tendency to beat her own drum. Then there's also the fact that the FTA has suspended the grant process and requested the new tax numbers. Both of these are actions that add credibility to Greenblatt's report.

The main problem L'il Red has is a refusal to apply Occam's Razor to her problem solving. It's the same flaw that many on both sides of the rail argument possess.

To wit: Instead of whipping up some grand conspiracy involving anti-rail forces that are marshaling together using Greenblatt as a foil in an effort to kill the rail why not just accept that Metro made a boneheaded mistake?

From the other side: Instead of envisioning Frank Wilson & David Wolff sitting in a room sharpening their sacrificial knives while deciding how best to defraud the taxpayers of Houston why not just accept that Metro made a boneheaded mistake?

Then we can fire those responsible and move on. Hopefully to a transit plan that works.

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