Thursday, April 22, 2010

Self flagellation

Frequently at HCA the attention paid to the ChronBlog's Jr. Columnist is reserved for those times when she really messes up, or exceeds the maximum usage limits for self-promotion in one of her many columns describing the good things that have come from one of her columns that was based on something she saw while driving to the grocery store one day and decided to make a phone call about. Call us cranky, but we prefer our columnists to be along the lines of the wickedly humorous John Kass or possess exceptional maturity and insight as does Kimberley Strassel. When it comes to columnists, the ChronBlog's desk-bound duo don't frequently churn out the type of material that qualifies as either cutting-edge or particularly insightful.

For Lisa Falkenberg, there have been glimmers of hope since her return from maternity leave. Often derided (accurately) for her juvenile writing style that seemed more inwardly (as opposed to community) focused, there was evidence, in fits & starts that she was maybe, hopefully, starting to "get it" when it comes to being a columnist.

Today's column on Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson is the best she's ever written. Sadly, due to a ChronBlog management freeze, Falkenberg was unable to mention the number one blog that has kept this report in the public eye. Fortunately, the HCA has no such blog ban policy in place so we'll out them for her: Blog Houston.

The money line in Falkenberg's piece is probably the most self-damning blurb ever to appear in the pages of ChronBlog:
The report didn't get any ink from this newspaper, although it's been discussed and linked to on various blogs through the years.
Of course, it should be noted that this piling on of Frank Wilson has taken place after the new administration expressed it's desire to terminate Mr. Wilson's employment so it could just be one more example of ChronBlog taking on the role of PR firm and releasing information to the public that the powers that be want to be released. Given ChronBlog's recent history that's the most likely scenario.

However, and I'll defer to Slampo on this one, given the insertion of that one, very telling line, I think we might have to consider granting Falkenberg that promotion to Young Adult Columnist.

Provided she can maintain this quality however. We're not a public sector union here, bestowing promotions for life regardless of work output.

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