Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The sky is blue

Sometimes you have to wonder why a poll is needed to figure things like this out?

(Poll: George W. Bush still blamed for the economy, Andy Barr, Politico, 04/07/10)
A majority of Democrats — 53 percent — blamed Bush for the economy. Republicans, meanwhile, blamed Democrats in Congress more than Obama.

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After campaigning against Bush for eight years I'm not surprised that old grudges die hard. Of course, the real answer is "all of the above and then still some more" but that was probably not an option in the survey. We all have to have our political foils after all. Depending on your position relative to the political aisle either Bush or Obama are personally responsible for ending the experiment in a Republic form of government while having a piss on the graves of the founders.

Actually, I was surprised that the Democratic "blame Bush" number was as low as 53%. That the Republicans blamed Congressional Democrats more for the failures is evidence that they are successfully getting the message out to the base.

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