Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Because what Houston needs right now.....

...is gushing praise heaped on Metro.

Fortunately, for Metro, the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank is ready and willing to gush for Greanias in a manner to which readers of America's Worst Big-City daily have become all to accustomed.

A real news organization, one committed to watchdog journalism instead of unquestioning devotion to the ruling elite, might have written something like this:

"We welcome the appointment of former City Council member and Controller George Greanias as the CEO of Metro and wish him well. Greanias has a distinguished public service record and his private-sector experience suggests he'll be pre-disposed to overseeing a Metro that is open and honest, traits that were sadly lacking during the Wolff/Wilson era.

We remind Greanias of this however: The public deserves to know the goings-on at Metro and how their tax dollars are spent. That shadow you see behind you as you conduct business is the (insert news agency here) looking over your shoulder."
Since CCTT is unwilling to say it, and the members of the Masthead at ChronBlog are unwilling to do it, I'll say it.

Congratulations on your appointment Mr. Greanias. Here's hoping that your leadership is more transparent, open and successful than that of the previous office holders. Don't slip back into Metro's old habits, or there will be people keeping tabs on what's going on at 1900 Main St. even if those in charge at 801 Texas have decided not to.

The staff at HCA (OK, me) wish you the best.

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